New Headphones

2010-02-08 12:25:30 by DJHomeless

I got some new headphones!

And my FLPs back!

Bass Generation Midi Pack

2009-09-30 01:34:40 by DJHomeless


Made by me, those bastard youtube deleted my video that was in my account.
Credit me when using those!

If you need more songs, PM/Comment here.

Trance Horizon

2009-09-15 06:37:24 by DJHomeless

A new collab!
Check it out!

Paperman12 Feat. DJ Homeless - Trance Horizon [Demo]


2009-04-28 06:37:26 by DJHomeless


I haven't done anything on NG for a really long time.
But I have done stuff with music.
I came out with some nice melodies, but I didn't turn them into any songs.
I REALLY want to do a collab with someone.
If you want, leave a comment here, or PM me.
I'll show you the melodies.


Hardcore track is soon up!

2009-03-23 13:24:52 by DJHomeless

Hardcore track will be up soon! (I hope!)

Well I've been working on it a little bit... It's currently 1.02 mins.

Hardcore track is soon up!

Sucess of my new track

2009-03-07 10:09:31 by DJHomeless

I simply had to picture this:

Full image Is here

Sucess of my new track


2009-02-16 12:16:31 by DJHomeless

Check out my brand new Dance demo! Into the Fantasy.

Hmm.... Some edits:
Dance track is finished.
Expect new song really soon!!! Eurotrance something really nice!
I started playing with the effects on this one, here's a screenshot.

Ok some more edits:
Just to make things clear, the song I uploaded got nothing to do with this:
"Expect new song really soon!!! Eurotrance something really nice!"
Just to let you know.


New DnB song

2009-01-28 13:33:19 by DJHomeless

Hey guys I'm working on my new DnB song, well actually worked I got stuck now.
Well here's a picture anyway.

Edit: hmm... Just forgot to say if anyone wanna make a collab with me, contact me.

New DnB song


2009-01-03 16:39:38 by DJHomeless

Hey there, I'm new here and still trying out, I'm training on FL Studio 6. If anyone wanna make a collab with me please contact me in a PM and we'll talk.