2009-02-16 12:16:31 by DJHomeless

Check out my brand new Dance demo! Into the Fantasy.

Hmm.... Some edits:
Dance track is finished.
Expect new song really soon!!! Eurotrance something really nice!
I started playing with the effects on this one, here's a screenshot.

Ok some more edits:
Just to make things clear, the song I uploaded got nothing to do with this:
"Expect new song really soon!!! Eurotrance something really nice!"
Just to let you know.



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2009-02-16 13:41:43

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DJHomeless responds:

Hmm... Very interesting!


2009-02-22 17:46:51

whats that skin?

DJHomeless responds:

(Remove any spaces)
It's called Energy Skin Pack.
For fl studio 7 but I got 6 so I changed some stuff so it'll fit. Ask me if you need help.


2009-02-23 11:48:28

Whats this shit? You've hardly used any patterns, you should be using up to 50 patterns... And my god don't use FL effects they are pants, use FL purely for the piano roll, use quality VST's for the sounds and additional programs for the effects... Windows XP ................? XP....? Windows CaveMan edition?

DJHomeless responds:

Vista? Vista? The worst windows edition ever? Btw I'm about to buy Windows 7.
Btw I need to get some nice VST's and VSTi's but can't find any...


2009-02-24 17:28:40

Try a company called REFX, they have made 2 great VST's called Nexus & Vanguard... Oh and a VST called Atmosphere is good for pads etc. :)

DJHomeless responds:

I got Nexus. But the demo one so it doesn't have alot of sounds...
And I can't download anything because I don't have eMule or Kazza or anything. Why? Because I used to download alot but I reformatted my computer like 4 times in a year so I stopped.
If you can send me some good FXP files that would be nice.